Kickpay + 3PLs = the perfect match

Kickpay and Fulfillment Centers are in a unique position to enable product companies to grow faster

Give your customers what they need. Capital

Brands scale faster when they have Working Capital to:

Eliminate out of stock events

Sales should never slow because companies are out of stock.

Increase marketing budgets

With inventory in stock, companies need to unlock capital to put into sales and marketing.

Launch new product lines

New product lines need to constantly be developed to stay relevant and continue growth.

Accelerate your customers growth.

(Don't worry. Kickpay does all the heavy lifting....)

Every client can be high-growth

All they need are more resources. Providing access to more capital means more stock, more marketing and more sales.

Expand your client relationships

Develop deeper relationships with your clients by offering Working Capital in addition to your core fulfillment services.

We do the heavy lifting

Kickpay does the hard work for licensing, underwriting, servicing and capital.

Loved by the top 3PLs in the business
100+ integrations

Ridiculously easy We'll have you set-up by next week

Kickpay does the heavy lifting so you can get Working Capital to your clients with no headaches.

Understand your client composition

Kickpay will customize the solution to best fit your client's needs

Kickpay connects
to your WMS

Whether a custom set-up or off the shelf, we can integrate into any WMS

Kickpay supplies
marketing collateral

A proven marketing playbook you can deploy instantly to promote the new service to your customers

Go live

Your clients get instant access to Working Capital
Learn more about the loans

No cost.  No risk.  No sweat.

We have built features specifically for 3PLs, meaning we worry about all the details so you don't have to.

No risk for you

Kickpay takes on 100% of the risk of defaults.

Keep your lien priority

Kickpay sits behind your warehouseman's lien and we ensure you get paid back in full in a default scenario.

No capital required

Kickpay takes on 100% of the capital raise requirements.

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